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Ankur Play School!

We try to make leaders for tomorrow both through education and human values and the extra – curricular activities that we provide play a big role in this.

A unique curricular structure is in place, designed by child psychologists for the benefit of tender minds. It helps in achieving the proper all-round development of a child. By imparting humanity, human values and proper guidance in a friendly manner we make these children society conscious as in today’s world it’s very rare to find people thinking about any other things apart from their own responsibilities and needs. By arranging get-togethers, fun-time with all ankurians, we impart the pattern by virtue of which they learn how to behave at certain scenarios and socially interactive situations. Like say in social gathering, in celebrating all the occasions, in certain function etc. Children are very creative in their formative ages. Some are creative in mental skills; some are at the physical activities.

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Our job is to explore and identify those. For that they must learn every type of activities/sports/games in a healthy and friendly atmosphere. For fulfillment of this purpose we are providing hobby activities and also celebrating every occasion. The child up to the age of 6 must be allowed to converse freely in any language to express his/her feelings.