Ankur came into existence on 22nd February, 2000. It was born of no selfish motive of making profits or earning money, but of a simple idea to educate children, to lay a foundation in their minds, on which they could thrive later.

Ankur is a place where children, right from the tender age of two years, learn to be what they are, to discover themselves.

Imagine having trying to express yourself without knowing anything about the world, the language we short, nothing about the place where you belong to. Is it possible? That is the state, from which we educate children about the world. It is in Ankur that they learn how to express their feelings by talking, by using their tongue. It is here that they learn that the feeling of great elation when everything around you is favourable is called happiness, and the feeling where everything seems to go wrong and bad is called sadness. It is here that they learn to love their parents, teachers. In other words, we teach them basic human values, because we believe that being a good human being is much, much more important than being just a good student.

In Ankur, we pay ample attention to the development of a child in all fields- be it studies, sports, humanity, or spirituality. Our students often turn out to be amazing all-rounders.

Even after leaving Ankur for higher studies, the values that we have inculcated in the children do not leave them. Though young in age, the same cannot be said for their achievements. Many of our students have done us and their parents proud by winning accolades for themselves and their schools. Brilliance in all fields is our motto as being good in just one field shall not be enough in today’s world.

All this is done with utmost care and caution. Each and every person of our staff and team treat every single child as they would have treated their own child. Not a single child is unwilling to attend Ankur, for it is here that they are aptly understood and they learn new things.

Sending your child to Ankur for the first few years of his life is a life time investment that you would later look at, not with regret, but with unquestionable pride.

Chinmayee Panda

Ankur Play School.